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Why are you people continuing to debate Lion Vs Tiger?

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Jan 10 16 8:08 AM

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Ever since the hacking incident, people hardly post on yuku anymore. I've seen many sites that are honestly just knockoffs of AU, AVA, and the other AVA. Not meant to be an insult, but its a fact that those sites were the ones getting tons of posters, and now that they're gone, so is everything else. Quite a shame really, and according to Tigris, he actually met the hacker in person. It's a crazy man from Russia with way too much time on his hands, and no it was not WolverineClaws like it was once believed. Pretty much most of the original posters and some of the new posters now post at wildfact, and some of the younger posters post at proboards where its mostly debates about dinosaurs, and gathering more information on their favorite animals. 

But this isn't my point. What I want to know is why on Earth do you people continue to debate and put so much time and effort to prove that either the lion or tiger wins in a fight? It is 2016 and hardly anyone comes on yuku anymore, and the people you wish to debate don't even come here anymore. I'm not putting you guys down, but seriously, why put in so much time and effort over two endangered cats killing each other? Starfox has been doing this since mid 2012, and some of you have been debating this even longer than that. 

I have to ask this because you people aren't dumb. You have devoted hours into finding accounts and coming up with arguments to support your claim, but what is it for? Your opponents don't even debate this anymore. What's the gain out of this? To prove you're right?  At Carnivora, the owner at least gets paid for people posting there (even though Taipan isn't exactly the best person), but you're not getting much out of it other than a bit of entertainment. My point is that with your mindsets, you can do more than just go around searching books and the internet for accounts of these cats killing each other. Haven't you people ever thought about working together and making ideas on how to save both of these cats from extinction? Why use such tenaciousness and dedication for such a waste of time? Why continue something so silly? 

Debating can be fun, but time after time, the Lion vs Tiger debate has proven to be one of the most frustrating, tiresome, extremely long, and highly repetitive debate that gets both sides nowhere, and of course the inevitable flamewar happens after a few days or even minutes sometimes. Hell I remember several posters actually toying with the idea of fighting each other and threatening to show up at each others house on some bullshit over two cats fighting. This debate is literally like people talking politics who cannot come to some type of agreement. I'm not joking when I say that this debate has caused the most amount of anger I have ever seen in just about any debate with feminists vs anti-feminists coming in 2nd place barely stalemating dumber debates like Superman vs Goku. 

I don't think I can stress this enough though. What's your gain out of all this? 
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Jan 12 16 10:38 AM

Malikc the other side cannot debate this, that is why they ban you off their sites, Peter just did that, he couldn't handle the new evidence in favor of the lion.  You have to understand, back when this was being debated on the old forums not all the info and evidence had surfaced yet, now a few years later, more and more evidence is coming forth.  Just recently, two new accounts were discovered of lioness's that killed male tigers.  Check out Prime's latest post, more stunning evidence is surfacing in favor of the lion, in many different cultures including India.  None of us would be doing this if we didn't think there was a real answer, we'd all be wasting our time.  This lion accounts thread alone has 3,000 views, many thousands of views more on the youtube videos, people are interested, and many are completely misinformed, which again is the interest in this, its information that is unknown and not reported on.

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Jan 12 16 9:23 PM

That's another thing I wanted to ask. Why do you actually think your info is new? It's not. These accounts can be found on the old AVA. I've see some accounts of lionesses winning and there are also instances of tigresses killing male lions. But that's not my point. I'm asking why are you and other continuing this on? The tiger fans no longer debate this, and are on other sites talking about other manners. Misinformed or not, this debate is dead when the other side has no interest in this anymore, and can you blame them? It's been going on since 2004 on yuku, and possibly longer on other sites.
And just as I suspected, Prime is also still debating lion vs tiger on other websites raging at other posters for simply disagreeing with him. The same man who made violent threats to other posters back in late 2012 over this debate.

You are free to do whatever you please, but I have said my piece. But I'll leave you with this. Try and at least find opponents to debate with if you know that certain people will simply ban you on the spot. Sure I disagree why you were banned many times in the past, but find people who are willing to debate this. I still think that this amount of time and research can be used for something greater than finding an answer for Lion vs Tiger, but that's my piece. Enjoy the forum.

Check out my new site.

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Jan 15 16 11:17 AM

Malick there are a lot of new accounts, I can post each one if you want, there are also a lot of new experts backing the lion.  Trust me, Peter doesn't even know who Bert Noyes is?  There is also a lot of new information on older accounts not known before, additional pictures found and info further verifying them.  Much new info on the tigers old accounts actually de verifies them.   There is a lot of new info on India, new wild accounts showing the lion won.  I think it just depends on what side your on...if you still think a lion can barely beat a tiger, than yes I'm sure your not going to want to debate the topic anymore, especially since there is very little new info info favor of the tiger. 

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Jan 23 16 3:09 PM

I used to be active in the lion v tiger debate, but now it's a bit boring and tiring. It's the same arguments on repeat and nothing new is brought to the table. Back when i was more active on the forums, I tried to ease away from lion v tiger and find something else to debate

The tiger is the only animal the mighty brown bear avoids 

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Feb 18 16 4:48 AM

Starfox, the irruption of this new info is what explains that most tiger-fans are leaving the debate. People like Perrault and Peter were the most one-sided and fanatic I have ever met, twisting, banning and doing anything necessary to make the tiger appear as winner. But in the end, truth emerges.

After Prime's and Starfox's last two years contributions, the debate is over. All is left is to spread the new info in the internet to as to let so-many misinformed people know the final conclusion.

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May 10 16 3:36 AM

I don't think this debate would ever end regardless if some people gets bored by it or not.The web is plagued by misleading information or rather disinformation & propaganda. I must admire Counter Strike's videos as I am yet to see any parallel to his work on the subject, the videos are best for a reseacrher with detailed traceable experts opinions on the topic.

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