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Nov 10 15 2:17 PM

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Important for the viewer to understand when reading these deciphering the differences between a lion fighting a leopard, compared to a tiger.   While there are many accounts of leopards killing adult male tigers,

... there are no such accounts of a leopard killing an adult lion.  There are scarcely any accounts of tigers killing leopards, and on the contrary there are accounts of single lions killing two leopards at once

{1983}   Lion kills panther, which is a black leopard.

As stated in this book below. 

Front Cover

Sanctuary Asia - Volume 2 - Page 339

1982 - ‎Snippet view - ‎More editions
stronger lion. I have, in factevidence of a lion killing a panther, the fight being a totally one-sided affair. All jungles are ... There has been much speculation about whether the lion or the tiger were once in conflict and if so, as to which would ...


Lion kills leopard in Kings Brothers circus. 

Image result for King Bros. Circus lions

Lion kills two leopards at once in the wild.

About this time in his career. Captain Cook witnessed the only known Jungle fight between a lion and two leopards. In which the loon killed both of the beast. "It was a very remarkable sight." said the captain describing it. "It happened on a full-moon night and while I sat out on a branch of a tree The whole thing occurred because a female leopard killed a gazelle. The lion came along and the leopard flew at him. Another leopard came to her assistance and landed on tha lions back,  The only way the Jungle king could dislodge him was to roll over and over on him. with his 600 pounds. Soon , both leopard were dead.


Trainer Terrell Jacobs lion named Dutch, beat every cat in his act including the leopards and tigers.

The text below reads,"The fearless lion king, who claims that lions are the most intelligent of all jungle cats is seated on  "Dutch" the fiercest cat in his collection and the monarch of the park. He has whipped every tiger, leopard, or lion in the huge collection when ever they have disputed his leadership."

photo TerrelJacobsLions_zps55a30eb5.jpg


Lion kills two leopards at once, and fights a bear... at the Hagenbeck circus. 

The lion literally rips and shakes the leopard to pieces, and then throws it over the wall into the audience. 


Lioness kills female leopard in 20 minute battle.


Skinny Asiatic lion defeats leopard in fight in Indian film. 


Ancient Roman artifact of the lion killing the leopard. Again this stands in stark contrast to the tiger, 
as there is an ancient Roman artifact showing the leopard killing the tiger.


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#2 [url]

Nov 11 15 8:39 AM

Yeah if you can find any accounts, from what Ive seen, the leopard has beaten the tiger most of the time.  There are more accounts as well of lions killing leopards

I just can't find the right now.  Even two leopards at once. 

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Nov 15 15 11:44 AM

Yeah that is a pretty stunning account, the lion not only kills both leopards at once, but he throws one over the wall into the audience.  Again confirming the ripping and shaking motion lions use when fighting, similar to dogs. You can see this evidence here in this video,  at 6.22 in.       ?t=382

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#7 [url]

Dec 20 15 3:24 PM

catlion wrote:
In neither of these vids the male lion manages to kill the leopard.

Well there isn't one account of a leopard killing a full grown male lion, yet on the other hand there are many accounts of leopards killing adult male tigers, and many accounts from Lucknow India showing the tigers could hardly ever beat them, in the end it was mutual destruction.  There's a big difference there, I think that Asiatic lion in the Indian film is very thin and small, as well we don't know, it most likely is captive lion used in the filming.

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