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West of India (Bengal tiger country), did the Asiatic lion meet the Caspian tiger?

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Yeah that's something that it was just recently reported in Wiki, I really hadn't heard that.  I thought is was hopeful as well, I ran into this article showing that they are trying to introduce the Caspian tiger back into the wild on the river Delta in Kazakhastan,

I hope this is true, because I thought I ran into some conflicting reports whether they're able to continue with this. I think they could do it if they really wanted to. They could probably also transport some Asiatic lions into parts of northern Africa as well. I think it would be interesting to ask the people who claim they saw the tigers recently, to get them to specify what color the cat was, could they make out an orange color or maybe some stripes, because the leopards should be a lot paler and lighter in the colder whether at higher altitudes I think. It would be pretty hard to miss a large orange cat.

When you say Asiatic lion, I know that counts for the general species of that area, but wouldn't you say though that lions in Iran and Turkey which had been there for so many years would at least be a separate sub-species than the Asiatic lion in India?  It would be interesting to research this some more now, I would think there would be some information of the Caspian and lion living together, and possible conflicts maybe recorded in ancient writings.

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I don't see any genetic proof of the Asiatic lion being divided into different subspecies, genetically speaking, just as Amur and Caspian tigers were shown to be closely related, it would appear that the Barbary lion of Northern Africa is closely related to the Senegal lion (also called the "West African lion") (Panthera leo senegalensis) of Western and Central African lion, and together, they are more closely related to the Asiatic lion than to lions from Eastern and Southern Africa, to the extent that Senegal and Barbary lions were provisionally put together by the IUCN as "Panthera leo leo" (the scientific name for the Barbary lion). Apart from that, the Senegal lion is even physically similar to the Asiatic lion:

1) Senegal lions in Senegal and Gabon (,

​2) Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica, closely related to P. l. leo in Africa) in India ( 

3) Ethiopian lion (P. l. roosevelti), which was shown to be genetically different to other lions (

​4) Eastern African lions (P. l. azandica and P. l. massaica, or altogether, P. l. melanochaita, they're also grouped together) in Virunga and Masai Mara (,

5) Southern African lions (P. l. bleyenberghi and P. l. krugeri, or altogether, P. l. melanochaitus, if they're grouped together) in Etosha and Kruger (,

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So have you gotten this research from Wiki or is this a lot of your own findings, I noticed a lot of Wiki had similar information, did you contribute to Wiki's info on this topic?

I think is definitely for sure now with this updated info that both cats crossed paths in both India and the Middle east.  I actually had always suspected that was the case, I knew the Caspian was in Iran and many places there, but it seems clearer now.  When people say these cats are never share the same habitat its obviously not correct.

Do you have any info on conflicts between the Caspian and Asian lion.  I'd have to go through some of the research done on this, but right now off hand I can think of one instance in which an old professor cites conflicts of the Siberian and Asiatic lion.

Further information confirming this... research done at the University of California at Berkley, found that the Asiatic lion killed the Siberian tigers when they strayed into the lions territories.  The author is talking in the context of prehistoric fights at first, then he states the Siberian tiger wandering out of its territory into the Asiatic lion's.  Its difficult to determine what is the location of territory the tigers are meeting the lion.  I suppose its possible they could be northern Caspians like Siberians, or the Asiatic lions he's referring to could be Persian or near the Georgian area.

Professor: John Campbell Merriam

The Asiatic lion was known to kill the Siberian when it strayed into the lions territory.

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